Katy Peter, L.Ac.

Katy Peter Acupuncture Bio PicKATY PETER is a licensed acupuncturist, graduating with a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM) at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. She is dedicated to empowering others in finding their healthiest self through a holistic approach to healthcare. During her time at school, she worked in private internships, at DeHaro auricular clinic and at Glide community clinic. She enjoys working with complex chronic illness and autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders, women’s health care, addiction, pain and supporting emotional well-being. She is passionate about providing a safe, empathetic space that allows for hope. Her approach uses gentle needling, herbal treatment and patient education combined with a knowledge of Western medicine to provide integrative care.

Originally from the Midwest, before studying acupuncture, she studied Western herbalism with herbalists Matthew Woods, Erica Fargione and Cynthia Thomas. She did a Western herbal internship at Sacred Journey Healing Arts, LLC with herbalist and doula Cynthia Thomas, helping to make herbal first aid during the Haiti earthquake crisis. She is a certified yoga instructor and taught at Yoga of Los Altos. Her own experiences in learning and healing through holistic modalities led her to the study of Chinese medicine.  She calls San Francisco home with her husband and many houseplants.

“My time at Ume with Dr. Katy Peter allowed me to relax & rejuvenate my body & spirit. Katy makes you feel heard & cared for & she keenly observed what was going on with my body during my session. Her light touch is a game changer for me as I can be very sensitive to the needles. Her cupping technique felt amazing. I felt balanced, lighter & relaxed afterward. Katy’s warmth, knowledge, thoughtful questions & sharp insights make her an exceptional practitioner. I can’t recommend her enough!” ~ E.M.