Digestion 消化

46784_426815104689_7526505_nHealthy digestion is the cornerstone of health according to Chinese medicine.  It is the main source of replenishing our Qi & Blood after birth.

Digestive imbalance can cause acute discomfort or chronic problems. We have a particular passion for nutrition and addressing digestive imbalances, including nausea, IBS, colitis, reflux/heartburn, abdominal pain, and food intolerance.

We treat digestion directly with acupuncture and herbs as well as a thorough review of diet and nutrition. When needed, a variety of lab tests may be ordered to examine blood, stool, or saliva for parasites, food sensitivities, and other imbalances that may present.

Photo: Yi Yi Ren 薏苡仁  (copyright Jasmine Rose Oberste)