Women’s Health 婦科

In addition to other areas of health which we treat, we especially have studied and treated women’s health and reproductive health for many years. Christine has worked with fertility and women’s health for 20 years, and is a fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM). Shannon has also dedicated much of her advanced studies to women’s health and fertility. We are comfortable working with Western medical doctors and reproductive endocrinologists, midwives, naturopaths, and other practitioners as a team to help our patients achieve their wellness goals.

Some of the obstetric and gynecological conditions we treat are:

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Photo: Flower of Yi Mu Cao 益母草 Leonorus siberica, or Chinese motherwort.  The leaves and stems are used to help regulate the female reproductive system and are commonly included in formulas to treat menstrual cramps.  (copyright Jasmine Rose Oberste)